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Book Online with the Mindbody mobile app.
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Use the app to book your appointments from anywhere and anytime!

Or book from our website and our Facebook page & of course our friendly reception team is always ready to assist with any questions or to book your appointments.

Just remember if you’re looking for an appointment within 48hrs you cannot book online. Please call reception for day of or next day availability

Just a reminder…

 We do have a 24hr Cancellation Policy. We ask that you let us know if you would like to change or cancel your appointment 24 hours before your appointment time so we can try and fill that space.

Please arrive 10 mins before your appointment.  If you arrive late for your appointment we may need to reschedule. We will try to accommodate late arrivals but sometimes our schedules will not allow for it. This could result in your service time being shortened or we may need to reschedule your appointment. 

If this is your first visit please come 15min before your appointment time to allow for the required health form to be filled out and so you can begin relaxing before your service.

Please refrain from using your cell phone in the spa. Other clients are trying to relax and cell phone use can be distracting.

For all our spa etiquette please click here