Relaxation Massage

Escape to relaxation with our luxurious & pampering massages performed by our aestheticians. Using your choice of massage oil scent and utilizing warm towels you will feel totally relaxed..

The following are not performed by RMTS  – No insurance receipts will be issued

*Please Note* If you have any health concerns, current or previous injuries or are pregnant you are recommended to see a Registered Massage Therapist as they are trained to treat conditions and our aestheticians are trained in relaxation massage only. They may refer you to an RMT if they feel it is best for your concerns*

30 Minute Relaxation Massage | $50
Focusing on the back, neck, shoulders & arms. These are the areas that need it the most.  Let us help you relax.

45 Minute Relaxation Massage | $60
Full Body including back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs & feet.  This full body massage will help you unwind & destress.  

60 Minute Relaxation Massage | $70
Full Body including back, head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs & feet. This massage will allow extra time to focus on a purely pampering and relaxing experience from head to toe.  

Couples Relaxation Massage | Prices are based on type of massage and is per person
Enjoy our couple’s massage with your special someone! We have a couples room so you can feel pampered and relaxed together.

Specialty Massages

The following massages are unique to their different styles. Each one offering a relaxing, energy balancing, & ensuring you are truly pampered from head to toe.

The following are not performed by RMTS  – No insurance receipts will be issued

Heated Tiger Shell Massage | Add $15 *Coming Soon*
With the addition of the heated and smooth Tiger Shells this add on to your massage will be sure to leave you feeling renewed, rejuvenated & relaxed while the heat will help to alleviate sore and tense muscles.

Hot Island Rock Massage 75 min | $125 *Coming Soon*
Applying hot stones to the Chakra Points helps balance the energy of the body. The heated stones are also used in the therapist hand to massage and help reduce tension and increase relaxation. This treatment leaves you feeling very light, relaxed and well balanced.

Thai Stem Massage 90 min | $140 *Coming Soon*
Thai stem massage is a combination of Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian technique used to relax the body, Acupressure along the zen lines to balance the body’s energy, Thai yoga massage to help gain flexibility.  The treatment completes with the use of herbal Thai compresses used in Thailand for hundreds of years to treat aches, pains, decrease inflammation and to detoxify the body.  Feel relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Take the Thai Stems home with you after your treatment.

Thai Stem Facial Massage 45min | $75
This massage uses small Thai compresses to help treat the skin as well as relax and massage the facial muscles. Included in this massage is the neck and shoulders, face and scalp. With the choice of Coconut for dry skin, Sesame for sensitive and Anti-aging and Clay for oily combination skin.

Take the Thai Stems home with you after your treatment.

Hot Oil Head Massage  30min | $55
Experience total relaxation while your treatment provider begins with an acupressure facial massage and then slowly & rhythmically applies hot oil to your scalp, neck and shoulders, giving you a luxury head massage. Nothing relieves stress like a head and face massage. The hot oil also helps to hydrate the scalp and hair.